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Joe Varno, Financial Advisor

Personally, I believe the IRS tries really hard to take the fun out of being successful. They do that by creating obstacles to get in our way, really at any phase, whether we're growing our money or trying to maintain our money. But certainly, and I believe more critically, when it's time that we use our money.

And that’s where my focus is. Because of that I believe individuals who are successful deserve the opportunity to get their money off the radar screen of the IRS.

This way when it's time to use their money, they are exempt from both federal and state income taxes regardless of their income level and regardless of the state in which they reside in.

Now how I do that is by understanding and following certain provisions in the tax code.

What I do is find money that my clients are unknowingly and unnecessarily transferring to the government, banks, financial institutions, and corporations and put it back to work for them.

If I could show you how to do that would you want to know?

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