Varno + Company

What I Do

What I do is simple.

I believe there are three types of money.

Accumulated money - this is the money and assets we save to use for the time in our lives when we stop trading our time for money. Some people refer to this as retirement.

Lifestyle Money - this is the money we are not accumulating. It is our "live on" money. Lifestyle money is spent on the things we NEED and the things we WANT, (there is a big difference between the two).

Transferred Money - This is the money people unknowingly and unnecessarily transfer away to the government, banks, corporations, and financial institutions.

It is not uncommon to find 10s of thousands of dollars leaking away unbeknownst to the client.

What I do is identify the transferred money, stop the transfer, then help my clients put it into their accumulated money to build wealth for themselves.

What I really do is have a conversation with people and find out if they are upset about the truth of how money really works.