Among the many powerful and proven processes we implement are:

The Living Balance Sheet® (LBS)*

We at Varno + Company present an uncommon approach to financial decision making, so our clients find real balance between protecting against the unexpected while still growing their wealth.

Benefits include:

  • Learn and implement 15 simple financial rules
  • Receive your personalized website that updates your complete financial picture automatically
  • Stores all your important documents in a secure online protected vault
  • Tracks where every dollar is going
  • Easily know where you stand financially anytime, anywhere

Financial Scorecard

A powerful financial tool to see where you are and more importantly where you should be.

Benefits include:

  •  Identifies hidden financial threats that make you vulnerable
  • Determine not only if you are saving enough but if you’re doing so in the right places
  • A powerful way to see how your assets can be eroded by taxes and debt.
  • Reveals how much of your hard earned money is not ending up in your pocket
  • Provides a graphic summary of your financial strengths and weaknesses

Confidential Financial Conversation (CFC)

When was the last time you had a real authentic financial conversation about you, for you, with someone who is knowledgeable, experienced, and truly cares?

Benefits include:

  • Determines where you are, where you want to be, and what’s holding you back
  • Identifies your biggest financial problems, concerns and frustrations
  • Uncovers possible financial threats you may not know
  • Develops trust and open lines of communication
  • Finally creates the “starting point” for your financial future

Financial Wealth Check Up (FWC)

As a dentist I saw the importance of regular health checkups to ensure my clients stayed healthy, avoided pain, and saved money on costly avoidable dental work. Shouldn’t your financial plan do the same?

Benefits include:

  • Readjusts your financial plan to insure you are staying on point
  • Updates your Living Balance Sheet for more accurate financial analysis
  • Continues to seek out and alleviate financial waste
  • Affords you the opportunity to ‘check in’ with someone you trust and truly cares about you and your financial well being
  • Holds you accountable to seeing your financial plan to its fruition

Our Professional Responsibility at Varno + Company

No matter how powerful the above processes are, what matters most is the personal relationship and service we provide for our clients!

We promise to

  • Be your financial sounding board
  • Bring economic truth to the table
  • Guide you on the right path to financial success
  • Always act in your best interest
  • Make Every Dollar Work Harder, Smarter, Faster, and Safer!
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* The Living Balance Sheet® and the Living Balance Sheet Logo are registered service marks of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian), New York, NY. Copyright 2005-2015, Guardian.
The Living Balance Sheet® displays the financial holdings identified by the client based upon information and valuations provided directly by the client or by electronic feeds from the client’s financial institutions. Valuations provided by electronic feeds reflect the most current information provided by the financial institution as of the date and time noted, but can reflect valuations from an earlier date and time.
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