With more than 50 years of experience, Varno + Company has found that most people keep making the same common financial mistakes.


Let’s see if you really do save
taxes with a 401(k)

As you contribute to your 401K, you expect your balance to go up (not always the case) but so do the taxes you’ll eventually have to pay. As you build more equity in your 401(k), taxes on the other side never go down.

Simply put a 401(k) defers taxes; it does not save taxes.


Imagine if you were presented with an investment that promised a 25% average rate-of-return

WOULD YOU DO IT? (Most people would)

Hypothetical Example of a $1000 investment

Year Annual Rate of Return Year End Balance
Year 1 100% $2000
Year 2 -50% $1000
Year 3 100% $2000
Year 4 -50% $1000
Average 25% $1000

You started with $1000 and ended up with $1000 even though the average rate of return was 25%.

Here’s a look at the math:  100%  – 50% + 100% -50%  = 100% / 4 years = 25% Avg. ROR

BUT THE FACT IS the investment created a 0% actual rate of return.

So in actuality because of fees, inflation, lost opportunity costs, it probably cost you money.

Be aware of the difference being claimed average rates of return and actual rates of return.

Therefore, our philosophy is:

“Win by not losing, because losses hurt more than gains help!”

What happens when your savings is not protected?

Here is a look at how most people were set up financially before 2008:

  • Some people invested all of their savings without protecting it and with little knowledge of what they were doing
  • In 2008, their financial pyramid fell over
  • The market lost 40-50% of its value during the 2008 downturn


Varno + Company will teach you how to protect your assets first, save an adequate percentage of your income and invest with a workable philosophy.

Varno + Company’s 3 step philosophy

1. Always protect assets first

2. Save an adequate percentage of your income

3. Invest with a workable, knowledgeable philosophy

“Win by not losing, because losses hurt more than gains help!”

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