At Varno + Company we pride ourselves in always doing the right thing for our clients. We want to take…

…to create and develop together the right financial plan for you. This is what we love to do at Varno + Company. This is our unique ability.


Our Service Model

Everybody has a part of themselves that is “awake to greater possibilities“. Our role is to find it and help expand it to allow you to get what you truly desire.

The result is transform the way you think and act around all things having to do with money so that you can have total confidence and absolute certainty you’ll be able to enjoy your money now and in the future.


 Model Source: Steve D’Annunzio

The model explained

We all tend to get stuck in the ‘Thinking Mind’ and believe our logic and intellect will assist us in getting to where we want to be.

At Varno + Company we believe you must move past the Mind and let our higher selves guide us. Allow the Heart activate our intuition, know love as a state of being, not an emotion, know people are assets, and have faith. Then move into our Service model and practice with integrity, bring value, and with our knowledge, care for you and your finances.

This is our passion and we’d love to hear from you whether you are a professional, family leader, business owner, or whatever and just have a question or want a second opinion.

We’re here for you because we truly care.

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